NoLimit Dashboard – Content

In NoLimit Dashboard, specifically on Social Media is divided into 4 parts:

  1. Content
  2. Community
  3. Campaign
  4. Conversation



Content is a module focusing on monitoring and analyzing posts distributed by Social Profiles that are tracked on NoLimit Dashboard.

There are several metrics that you can see on Content Analysis.


  • Total Postmade: Amount of posts that the social profiles published in specific selected timeframe
  • Total Like: Amount of likes collected from all of the posts published
  • Total Comment: Amount of comment collected from all of the posts published
  • Engagement Rate: The average of Engagement Rate (Total Engagement Rate / Post : Total Postmade)
    • Engagement Rate / Post= Engagement / Followers
  • Overall Performance: A daily performance that monitors daily Postmade, Like, Comment, Share and Engagement Rate


  • Peaktime: The specific day and hour when the followers do some interactions with the posts
  • WordCloud: The specific words that is being most mentioned


  • List of postmade: List of all posts published in specific selected timeframe, and by default is sorted by the highest Engagement.