NoLimit Dashboard – Community


Community is a module focusing on monitoring and analyzing the followers growth and its activities through the posts distributed by Social Profiles that are tracked on NoLimit Dashboard.

There are several metrics that you can see on Community.


  • Total Followers: Number of followers gained by Social Profiles in specific selected timeframe
  • Total Engaged User: Amount of unique user commenting in the post published
  • Total Reply: Numbers of comments that is being replied by social profiles on the comment section
  • Response Rate: Total Comment / Total Reply


  • Top Talker: The most active social media user commenting on the posts (Only on Twitter)
  • Top Influencer: List of social media users commenting or mentioning the social profiles with the highest followers (Only on Twitter)
  • Bio WordCloud: List of words gathers from Engaged Users’ Bio (Only on Twitter)
  • Talk WordCloud: List of words that are most mentioned on the Comment sections